Yeet A Friend Codes (October 2023) (2024)

Have you ever thought about grabbing one of your friends and throwing them far away? Yeet a Friend! in Roblox allows you to do just that! The goal of the game is to toss one of your friends as far as possible to earn Energy. I love this game since it’s super silly, and you can have fun with your pals without hurting anyone. Moreover, the funny remarks my friends’ characters make as they land always crack me up!

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Initially, you don’t have enough Energy to catapult your friends too far, but with these Yeet A Friend! codes, you get free stars, boosts, and pets that can help you throw your friends further away! You can use all the codes simultaneously, and once they are all redeemed, just start throwing. You will be amazed by the distances you can reach with the goodies you receive from the codes we listed below.If you want more silly fun on Roblox, one of my favorites is Eat Blobs Simulator. With these Eat Blobs Simulator Codes, you will receive plenty of freebies and have an amazing start.

All Yeet A Friend! Codes List

Yeet A Friend! Codes (Working)

  • Aztec: Wheel Spins x3 (New)
  • Mask: Mythic Slime Pet (New)
  • Junk: Power Boost x3
  • Magic: Energy Boost x3
  • Library: Mythic Slime Pet
  • AFK: Luck Boost x2
  • Glacier: Stars x10000
  • Collector: Stars x10000
  • Enchanted: Stars x5000
  • PetIndex: Mythic Slime Pet
  • Teleporter: Stars x5000
  • EASYEET: Power Boost x2
  • Summer: Mythic Slime Pet
  • MoneyUpdate: Mythic Slime Pet
  • DimensionBoost: Energy Boost x3
  • Dimension: Power Boost x2
  • YeetA250k: Mythic Slime Pet
  • YeetCartoon: Power Boost x2
  • NeonPet: Legendary Slime Pet x3
  • ENERGETIC: Energy Boost
  • AtomicReward: Mythic Slime Pet
  • FreePower: Power Boost
  • StarShopper: Stars x5000
  • iLoveYeeting: Legendary Slime Pet
  • Nightmares: Legendary Slime Pet x2
  • FreeStars: Stars x750

Yeet A Friend! Codes (Expired)

  • Alien: Energy x412
  • Yarrr: Power Boost
  • Yeet: Energy x412
  • Release: Energy x412
  • Trading: Spider Pet
  • Atlantis: Energy x1030
  • OneThousandLikes: Energy x412
  • Gifting: Luck Boost
  • Sunglasses: Mythic Slime Pet

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How to redeem codes in Yeet A Friend!

Figuring out how to redeem codes in Yeet A Friend! can be a bit tricky, but with the instructions below, you will be able to get your rewards quickly!

  1. Open Roblox and launch Yeet a Friend!
  2. Walk over to the Codes area in the lobby.
  3. Type the code into the Enter Code text box.
  4. Click the Redeem button to claim your reward!

How can you get more Yeet A Friend! codes?

The first place to look for new codes is the official Fractured Studios X account (@Fractured_FS). This is where developers usually post their codes first. You should also join the official Yeet a Friend Discord community for all the latest news and announcements or just to interact with other fans of the game. The developers also have a Twitch channel (@unsigned_var). You can follow them to avoid missing their next stream.

Still, the best way to get all the latest Yeet A Friend! codes with minimal effort is to bookmark this article and come back from time to time. We do the hard work for you so that you always have only one place to go to for all the free rewards in this game.

Why are my Yeet A Friend! codes not working?

When manually entering codes in Roblox games, it’s possible to add extra characters or numbers by mistake. If this happens, we advise copying the code you want to use from this article and pasting it into the text box in the game.

If you have no doubts that everything was done correctly and you’re still not getting your rewards, the code may have expired, or you may have already used it. If any of our Working codes aren’t valid, kindly let us know in the comments so we can check them again and update our lists.

How to get more rewards in Yeet A Friend!

In Yeet a Friend!, there are plenty of ways to get free prizes. Firstly, if you follow Fractured Studios on X, they will reward you with 20% Energy. You can claim this prize in the Codes area in the lobby. Secondly, check your Daily Streak, as you get a daily login reward. Make sure to log in every day to keep your streak up! You will receive free spins, energy boosts, luck boosts, pet storage, and more.

Playtime rewards are also available, and the longer you play, the more Energy, spins, and pets you will get. Click the Claim icon to check how long you need to play for your next prize. Furthermore, the Quest icon on the left will show you which tasks you must complete for even more goodies. Lastly, if there are no more free items, run around the lobby to collect stars and use them to buy spins, pets, or boosts.

What is Yeet A Friend!?

Yeet A Friend! is a simple Roblox game where you need to toss one of your Roblox friends as far as possible. If you are too lazy to chuck your friends manually, you can turn on the Auto Throw option and chill while automatically collecting rewards. Pets are also a significant aspect of the game. You can collect, craft, and combine them to equip the best companions possible. They give you a fantastic advantage, and the difference in your score with and without pets is enormous.

If you want more freebies for all your favorite Roblox titles, check out our Roblox Codes section, as we have a vast amount of codes for the most popular games just waiting for you to grab them!

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Yeet A Friend Codes (October 2023) (2024)


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