Best Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits - Twins and Trends (2024)

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having boy and girl twins so I could dress them in twin boy and girl matching outfits. My family played ‘The Game of Life’ during game night and I would always try to play it so that I landed on the ‘Twins’ space. My dream became a reality in 2020 with the arrival of my boy girl twins.

I could not wait to start finding twin boy and girl matching outfits for them to wear. It became a passion for me. So now, I’m bringing you into my world of coordinating obsession.

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What Are Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits?

So you just found out you’re having boy and girl twins! Yay!! Welcome to the club!

Twin boy and girl matching outfits are just that – matching outfits for twins. But there’s much more to it than what most people think. You can have matching outfits or coordinating outfits. Matching outfits are those that match perfectly: the colors are the same, the design is the same, everything is the same. Coordinating outfits are those that match in color, but not necessarily design or style. You pull a color from one set to match the other set with.

It’s actually really fun to try and find the cutest twin boy and girl matching outfits. There are lots of brands out there who cater to this genre.

Why Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits?

Ever since I was little, I have always wanted twins so that I could dress them alike. I remember growing up thinking how fun it would be to pick out the cutest outfits and go out in public with everyone ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhhing’.

I feel like having identical girls or boys would be easy to buy for; you just buy two of the same thing. But trying to match twin boys and girls, now that’s a challenge. I love challenging myself to find the trendiest matches and then being able to share those matches with you is truly a dream come true!

Twin Matching Outfits

I love finding all of the best matching outfits for every season. There are so many different categories for your matches. You have casual wear for that everyday look when you want to be lazy but still want to look cute.

Then you have dress wear, when you need to dress up. And you can’t forget the outerwear for keeping warm on cold, rainy days.

Pajamas are my favorite because that means it’s going to be a lazy day. Summer is also a favorite of mine because brands come out with the cutest sets for twins in the summertime. And you can’t have Summer without swimwear! I love love love finding matching swimwear for my babes!

Holiday is a broad category. It includes all of your big holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Accessories is probably on of the more important categories because it not only aids the babies, but there are super neat products that make the parents life easier, and who doesn’t need that?

Casual Wear Outfits for Twins and Siblings

When I think of casual wear, I think of graphic tees and comfy pants; a stylish step up from pajamas.

Since we stay around the house most of the time (hello, pandemic), we like to keep it casual. Nothing too fancy but still wearing our coordinating boy girl twin outfits.

I, personally, wear casual outfits quite frequently because, well, I have 16 month old twins and most days, I do good to only have to reheat my coffee twice. So yoga pants and baggy shirts is!

Check out the cutest casual wear outfits for twins and siblings here!

Sibling Dress Wear

As little boys and girls, we all loved dressing up, right? Whether it be wearing our parents’ shoes or Mom’s fancy dresses and jewelry, it was just so much fun pretending to be someone else.

Now as parents, we get to relive our childhood and play dress up with our kids! How cool is that? It’s like the circle of life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dressing up for a wedding, recital, or going to church, matching dress wear is so much fun!

One of my favorite dressy materials is seersucker. I go through phases and I’m currently in the seersucker phase. There’s just something about it that looks so dressy!

The very first twin baby matching outfits I bought for my boy girl twins were green seersucker monogrammed rompers (I still have them, by the way, because I am THAT Mom).We got so many compliments on those outfits.

Check out more of our sibling dress wear matches here!

Matching Outerwear for Siblings

My twins were preemie babies arriving at thirty four weeks so they did have some NICU time. They only had to stay 6 days, which was amazing for twins!

I remember the weeks after we brought them home, we had thunderstorms and rain showers every day. It probably lasted about two weeks. But the rain has always been so calming for me. It has always given me a sense of peace.

My friends and family always make fun of me because I get so excited when it rains. My husband tells me I should live in Seattle where it rains constantly. Bring it on!

Best Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits - Twins and Trends (1)

Fun Fact: a pluviophile is a lover of rain. I am it. It is I.

Now I get to play in the rain with my littles! I cannot wait for them to wear all of the fun raincoats and boots that can change colors when they get wet! They are the perfect girl and boy matching outfits. We’ll be puddle jumping like there’s no tomorrow!

Check out more matching outerwear for siblings here!

Matching Pajamas for Twins

I’ve always told myself that when I have kids, I’ll never spend a lot of money on pajamas because no one ever sees them anyway. Boy, was I wrong.

There are days, and I’m not ashamed to say it, where we all spend the whole day in our pajamas (yes, including me) and I love it. And since I constantly take pictures of my babies, those pajamas that no one ever sees, actually do get seen.

So I’ve started taking pride in picking out twin boy and girl matching pajamas. There are quite a few brands that have organic pj’s made out of bamboo and they are amazing. You get the luxury of wearing amazingly soft pajamas while knowing they were made with a natural process.

I love trying to match different textures and designs, such as plaids or stripes. I feel as though if the color theme is the same, different designs will make it pop! A great example of these matching pajamas for twins can be found here!

Matching Sibling Outfits for Spring

I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. I love it because that’s when brands start showcasing their warm weather lines. I hate it because with Springtime, comes pollen.

I’ve never really had bad allergies, but I do quite a bit of sneezing during the Springtime. Plus everything turns yellow, and I mean everything!

The cutest outfits come out in Spring. Lots of florals and pastels (my fav).

Find the cutest and trendiest Spring matches here for your little ones!

Siblings Matches for Summer

Oh! Sweet Summertime, how I love you.

My favorite Summer pastime was going to the beach with my parents while we were visiting for a softball tournament.

I played a lot of softball in my day and we used to have the annual World Series at the beach. My parents and I would always turn it into our Summer vacation. And I remember thinking that I always saw my teammates in the same uniform and we really never saw each other without dirt and bruises all over.

My coach would always make it a point to have everyone get together for dinner one night while there. All of the girls would dress up in their cutest Summer clothes. I absolutely loved seeing everyone in their “normal” clothes.

Best Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits - Twins and Trends (2)

Summer outfits are so much fun to pick out! And now I get to dress my babies in the trendiest and most charming Summer attire available.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on seeing the ton of other Summer boy and girl twin outfits. Grab your kids the most appealing matches here!

Boy and Girl Matching Swimwear

Along with my love for Summer comes my adoration for the beach and pools.

My husband and I did a destination wedding in the Bahamas and we chose to marry on the beach. It was such a beautiful and intimate ceremony.

The day after we got married, we were lounging in some beach chairs and I had my favorite swimsuit on that I had bought just for this trip. All of a sudden, we see a flock of birds flying over us and I jokingly look at my husband and tell him we dodged a bullet. At that exact moment, I received a nice little wedding present on my nose and all over my beautiful swimsuit.

We still had a great time, but I swear it was a reenactment from Alfred Hitchco*ck’s ‘The Birds’.

Don’t miss out on the great boy and girl matching swimwear by the most fashionable brands here!

Holiday Sibling Sets

A huge misconception about matching outfits for boy girl twins is that the design and colors have to match perfectly. I have learned in my many years (ok, maybe just a year and a half) of searching for matching outfits, that sometimes it’s more fun to pull an accent color to coordinate with.

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays (besides Christmas, of course). I remember growing up, we would always go to the fairgrounds or the park to watch the fireworks. I just remember thinking they were so incredibly magical: the way they went so high in the sky, the different colors and shapes. This was the day I always looked forward to every year.

Now I get to look forward to carrying on that tradition with my twins. And I get to dress them in sibling matching 4th of July outfits! That’s a win/win in my book!

I adore holidays because that’s when brands have some of the cutest matches of the year. I remember last year for Christmas, we did twelve days of Christmas with my twins so each day, they had on different boy and girl twins matching outfits.

Lots of people think that’s crazy, and honestly, it is because they only wore them once. But they’re only little for so long so I’m soaking it all in!

Check out the other amazing holiday sibling sets here for the next big holiday!

Baby Accessories for Twins

Twin baby accessories are a lot of fun to buy (besides the fact that you sometimes have to buy two of everything).

I’m extremely indecisive. So much so, that my husband does a lot of decision making (but he doesn’t wear the pants in the family, let’s not get it twisted).

I typically have a hard time picking something out because there’s usually two designs or two colors that I like the most. Thank goodness for having twins. Besides being broke from having to buy two of everything, my quality of being indecisive can finally take a backseat because, baby, we’re buying two!

In addition to my awesome twin baby accessories, I also have an amazing monitor that is a must-have for newborns.

If you’re in the market for an amazing baby monitoring system that tracks heart rate and oxygen levels, check out my review here for the Owlet Smart Sock. This sock is absolutely amazing and there is no way I would’ve made it through the beginning stages of my twins little lives.

Best Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits - Twins and Trends (3)

Shopping for Twins

Shopping for twins can be overwhelming at times. It can be hard to know whether you’ll need one or two of things. Knowing the best brands to shop at is key!

A lot of brands cater to Moms of multiples, which is amazing because you can go to one place to do your shopping for matching sets.

I always see people asking ‘where to buy boy girl twin outfits’ so I compiled the best twin boy and girl matching outfits and accessories available all in one place! I know it can be extremely tedious trying to search for the perfect match.

All of these matches are also great for siblings. There are lots of Moms who love matching their older and younger siblings so these outfits would be perfect!

I joke that my husband and I got in on the ‘buy one get one free’ sale that was going on. I love everything about the twin life, especially the bond they share and the twin outfits.

Check out some great brands to shop for twins and multiples here!

How to Grocery Shop with Twins

Grocery shopping with twins can seem so overwhelming and scary. I know I was terrified the first time I took my twins out by myself. It literally took me 30 minutes to get them out of the car and into the stroller or buggy. Now, I can get them out of their carseats and inside the store in less than 10 minutes.

Check out my super helpful post about grocery shopping with twins here. Hopefully it can help ease your mind on your next outing!

If I don’t have what you’re looking for, you can always email me here with any and all questions and I’ll do the leg work for you!

I’m so glad you stopped by! Don’t forget to drop a comment below to say hey!

Best Twin Boy and Girl Matching Outfits - Twins and Trends (2024)


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